In order to stay ahead of the spring growth we will begin scalping the turf in mid-March.  The regular cutting will resume in April.

Additionally, now is the time to install pine straw, mulch or perform any major pruning of overgrown shrubbery as well as begin preparations for seasonal flower installation.  If you would like any of these services, please contact us and we will schedule your request.

If you have not already provided our accounting department with your email address, please send an email to confirming that the email address you are using is acceptable for sending invoices, statement or other correspondences.   Please note:  We will never share or sell your personal information.

We are looking forward to another year of service to each of our customers and thank all of you who have been so kind as to recommend friends and neighbors to subscribe to our services.  For some of our customers in the Gwinnett County area we are starting our 11th year of service.  But whether it has been 11 years or 11 weeks, we will work hard every day to continue to earn your business.

Thank you!

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"Scalping is a common practice used to prevent thatch accumulation.  It is most often done before spring green-up.  This removal of dead plant material will also encourage early spring growth of the grass ..."

According to a blog posted by, the purpose of lawn scalping is to "remove dormant grass and promote spring growth."  Additionally, lawn scalping aids in the prevention of turf disease.

"Bermuda lies dormant during the winter, so scalping can help jumpstart its transition into spring growth."  Lawn scalping allows more sunlight reach the soil warming it up faster, "helping the grass come out of winter dormancy."

"Not only does lawn scalping promote growth, but it also thwarts disease."  During the scalping process the layer of thatch that holds in moisture is removed.  By not removing this layer of thatch, a perfect breeding ground for disease is provided.

The best time to scalp your lawn differs by region.  In the metro-Atlanta area, scalping will typically begin mid-March, but all scalping should occur after any chance of a deep frost has passed.    Additionally, scalping your lawn too late in the spring season and your lawn will "miss out on the benefits of healthy spring growth."

After scalping, it is recommended that mowing of the lawn occurs once a week throughout the spring and summer months.  Regular mowing will help ensure a thick, healthy lawn that holds moisture better and keeps out weeds.

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